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November 17, 2015

Secret Santa / White Elephant Gift Ideas

Holiday time is around the office, and there is a 92% chance that you will be asked if you want to join the voluntary but obligated office gift pool. There are two main formats for such gatherings - the famous white elephant giving process and secret santa. While this might seem like a minor transactional event, it reflects on who you are and makes a statement that is remembered for the entire next year (no pressure). Luckily for you, Tile is here to break it down for you.

Rule 1: Stay within the gift limit.

If your office says that there is a $20 dollar rule, don't be that person who clearly breaks the bank.

Rule 2: Know your audience & play towards the safe side.

While there is an understanding that most of these gifts will be novelties or somewhat forgettable. Unless you are super funny, consider a safe unisex gift that people will use. It's very easy to go all out and have a total flop or end up offending someone. However, certain things like gift cards or very useful small gifts can be enjoyed by all. Whatever you do, do NOT give a scented candle (unless it is Bacon flavored).

Luckily there is a beloved & creative gift for your Secret Santa challenge!

Tile! Our tiny app can be used in a number of ways for every type of person on your list. From your hip cousin that has everything to your parents who don't need anything, Tile is hip and provides a valuable service. Best of all, it's under $15 dollars when you buy in bulk for the holidays! Tile is very affordable, and it's something that they will use every day. Best of all, Tile is not the cheap gift, it's the "cool" gift that everyone wants right now. As Paris says "It's hot." You will be the most popular person at your Office Christmas Party!

For those of you who think this would be a great gift for the whole office, we have something just for you too. Give the gift of branded Tiles with your logo on them for all your staff or clients. If you are ordering 100 or more, we have some special deals for you. Click here to see our Corporate Promotions page.

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