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July 9, 2015

Parking your Scooter During the Uber Riots in Paris

"My tiles are very helpful for my keys or bag. Each week, I use Tile to locate my stuff! It’s become part of my daily routine but this friday, it saved my day!

Paris during the summer is very hot – 34°C in the street. Additionally, with all the extra taxi drivers on strike due to the Uber protest, the streets are busier then usual and there were less places to park due to increased drivers.

I had tickets to the Opera, and there was a lot of traffic and no place to park my scooter. After 10 minutes of looking for a spot, I found a place and took it quickly. I was in such a rush and didn’t take the time to check where I parked – I was late!

Two hours later after a good performance, I went to get my scooter and it was gone! I was sure I parked it right here. Huge mistake :) Was it stolen, or towed away to the municipal pound? My Friday afternoon became a nightmare. And then I remembered I put a Tile on my scooter. I checked my app on my Apple Watch, and my scooter was located at the exact opposite of where I thought I parked :)

Thanks to my Tile, my map brought to me the exact place where I parked, and I was able to get back to my day!"

-Michel H
Paris, France

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