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Tile Tips12.10.2020

If you own a motorcycle, you probably love adventure, speed, and excitement. However, being free-spirited doesn't have to mean throwing caution to the wind, too. Taking a few simple steps to safeguard protect your motorcycle can really pay off. Cyclists who install a Tile tracking device save themselves a lot of hassle and money later on.

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Find Your Bike If It's Stolen

When you've put a lot of money, love, and time into maintaining your bike, the idea of a thief taking it and stripping it for parts is pretty awful. Motorcycle thefts are very common, with over 40,000 bikes being stolen each year. With a motorcycle tracking device, you can get your back bike before it's too late.

One of our users, Andreas M., experienced this firsthand. Andreas had a beautiful $24,000 Agusta motorcycle, so he was devastated when it was stolen from his Redwood City home. Fortunately, Andreas had a Tile hidden underneath the seat of his bike. Through the Tile app, he got a notification about an updated location for his motorcycle. The police followed this information right to the stolen bike. It had been ditched 300 miles away in San Francisco, but Andreas got it back in perfect condition thanks to Tile.

Attaching a Tile motorcycle tracking device keeps bike theft from ruining your motorcycle. If someone does take your bike, the Tile Network will automatically scan for your vehicle. You can get notifications if your bike is picked up by another Tile device. With this information, you and the police may be able to locate your stolen motorcycle. Instead of worrying every time you leave your bike in the open, you can be confident about your chances of recovering it.

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Never Forget Where You Parked Again

One of the great perks of motorcycles is that you can often park them in smaller spaces a car would never fit in. However, this can also make it surprisingly easy to lose track of your bike. Have you ever been eager to impress a date with your bike but ended up making them walk around looking for your bike for ages? Do you exit a shop and suddenly realize you have no clue what road you left your bike on?

With Tile, you don't have to worry about these sorts of frustrating scenarios. As long as you left the app running in the background, you can see the last location you left your bike. Tile also comes in handy if it's too dark to see where you parked. Instead of having to pace through a dingy alley or dark parking garage, you just tap the "Find" feature. With the clear ringing sound of the Tile, you can locate your bike no matter how dim it is.

How Tile's Motorcycle Tracking Devices Work

So, how do you actually install a tracking device on a motorcycle? You've got a few different options. The fastest and easiest choice is the Tile Sticker. This tiny finder with a powerful adhesive can be stuck discreetly under a seat or fender. Another option is the Tile Mate or Tile Pro. These have a slightly longer range, and you can easily slip them inside of a saddlebag or tail box.

To use the Tile as a motorcycle tracking device, you should activate the Tile to the Tile app on your smartphone. Available for both Android and iOS, this app offers powerful finding features that let you find your bike when it’s lost or stolen. When you're within Bluetooth range, you can tap “Find” in the app to make your Tile ring instantaneously, so you can find it faster. You can also check the map in the app to see your Tile’s Last Place Seen, which works as a handy reminder of where you parked.

If your bike gets stolen or towed, you can also use the app to get help from the Tile Network. Once you select "Notify When Found",”  every phone with the Tile app will scan for your motorcycle tracking device. When a member of the Tile Network finds your bike, you get a notification. Of course, this information is all automatic and anonymous, so no one besides you will know anything about your motorcycle's location.

Now that you know a bit about how Tile works, try it out for yourself! Browse our options on our website or use the Help Center to find answers to frequently asked questions about Tile. If you'd like to see what other bikers think of the Tile finder, check out our FacebookTwitter, and Instagram pages.

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