The Tile Community Found Leonard’s Lost Camera!


I was headed off on a business trip to Europe last week and I wanted to take my small camera with me. I was looking all around my office and kept saying to my wife, “I know I saw it, I know it’s here somewhere!”

She reminded me about the Tile I had attached to my camera and said I could use it to help me find it. So I launched the app, and… there it was! Last seen at the Nashville Airport. 

I have no idea how that happened or even when it could have fallen out of my briefcase! 

I figured it was probably lost forever, but I marked it as lost in the app and then contacted the rental car company to see if it had possibly fallen out in the trunk of the car. About an hour later I received an email alert. “Hooray, your Tile has been found!” So I opened up my Tile app and there it was located near the American Airlines counter in Nashville. I called American and one of the reps went looking for the camera and found it.

Now I need to arrange to have it sent to me, or I’ll have to pick it up on my next visit to Nashville. Amazing! If it were not for the Tile attached I would have never found it or known where I may have lost the camera. I have already Tiled many of my items, and now I am going to Tile everything else I can.

- Leonard B.

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