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May 27, 2015

Keys to Missing Motorcycle Found

The Tile Community is very strong in the US & Internationally as well. Hori lost his keys for his motorcycle and a good samaritan found them and turned them into a central reception area. Last place seen did not work since they were moved by another person from that spot. After he marked them as lost, another user in New Zealand walked by the reception area thus alerting Hori that his lost keys were found! Now Hori is back on his bike and actively recruiting friends to join his personal search party.

"I lost very expensive motorcycle key about 5 weeks ago. Marked it as lost but the last known location was somewhere I had passed through and still had key after that. I gave up and resigned to the fact it was gone for good.

Last night I received a new location notification from the app not far where I was staying. Went back to the place and ask at reception if any keys had been handed in. To my surprise they had my keys and they had been handed in over a month ago.

I'm guessing finally someone else with a tile had passed close enough to get a recording. Now I'm telling all my friends on FB to buy one so the community gets bigger.

So relieved!! Thanks TILE."

- Hori, New Zealand

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