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August 27, 2015

Tile VS Rollercoaster

While Nelson rode one of the fastest wooden roller coasters at Knott's Farm, his keys just couldn't take the thrill and they decided to eject themselves mid ride. As its name promised the Ghost Rider caused great panic, but not in the way that anyone expected! Where are my keys?!? Walking around the park with the Tile app, he saw what he declared the "green circle of hope" and was able to find his keys to drive home. Imagine if your entire family was stranded at an amusement park - a kids dream or a parents nightmare? The full thrill ride below:

"This past Saturday I was with my family at Knotts Berry Farm for an evening of fun. The very first ride I got on with my daughter was Ghost Rider, their biggest and fastest coaster. And although it doesn't go upside down, it's a very fast wooden coaster, so lots of fast, jerky rocking and rolling. Enough to apparently throw my keys out of my pocket. But I didn't realize that at the time. We went about with our evening and we left at around 1030pm. I imagine you know that by then, though it's been lots of fun, all you want to do is go home and go to sleep. And it was right then when we left the park that I reached into my pocket and time froze when I realized that my keys were gone. My wife could tell something was seriously wrong by the look on my face. I remembered about my Tile and fired up the app to see what it would report. It showed that they were indeed inside the park but I couldn't figure out where exactly. I was preparing to retrace all my steps and hopefully finding them. I was totally dreading what lied ahead. I went back to the exit gate to ask the gentleman where the lost and found was since I didn't know where it was located.

I still was full of dread at what was ahead when all of a sudden, a green circle of hope! Right as the gate attendant was telling me that we were standing right next to the lost and found, my keys were reporting back the the app. I turned around and held up my phone to show my wife the green circle. Elated, I marched into the lost and found and proceeded to send the jingle command to my keys. I then heard the sweet sound of the Tile jingle. The 2 girls working the counter were looking around and their backs were to me. I then proudly proclaimed "Those are my keys." They said at the same time "No way!" and then opened up the little box they were in and returned them to me. They had never heard of Tile or anything like it. I proceeded to give them a 5 minute dog and pony show and they were sold immediately. They did tell me they were going to by one and that it was one of the coolest things they'd ever seen.

As someone who has lost their keys before, Tile was just the thing I needed and it more than paid for itself. "

- Nelson S

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