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Lost Keys Boating
March 5, 2016

Keys Overboard - Found with Tile, Recovered by Snorkel

The map in the Tile app is one of the most powerful features when it comes to finding your lost keys or wallet. Being able to see where you last had something is a great marker for any lost object. We've had Tile customers recover their bag off a moving motorcycle, as well as recover lost luggage.

Last week got a great email from Andrew in Australia that his keys fell of his boat while he wasn't looking! For most people, this would mean they were lost forever, but he luckily had the Tile app running. By going to the exact place the Tile app said his lost keys would be, he was able to find them within 10 minutes with the help of his scuba gear.  That's peace of mind.

"I recently lost my house keys during a day out on the boat. When I checked the Tile app it confirmed my suspicion that the little splash I remembered hearing while on the Marina pier was bad news... After five days I got back there and in ten minutes with the snorkeling gear on I managed to find them on the bottom of the harbor in about 3 meters of water. The white tile made the recovery possible in amongst the seabed. My little Tile was drowned unfortunately but not in vain - being able to pinpoint the last location still got my keys back and saved me dollars and inconvenience in replacing them.”

- Andrew M., Australia

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