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December 28, 2015

Stolen iPad recovered with Tile

People ask all the time "How big is the Tile Community?" The community is the largest is this space and is even helping people recover stolen items. In the story below, Vince's iPad was stolen from his office, and Tile was able to help him get it back. We love helping reduce crime and theft!

"My iPad was taken from my office on Saturday I tagged it as lost and pretty much had given up as gone. This afternoon I received a notification that my iPad was located at a automobile repair shop about 5 miles from my office. I drove to the location and was able to pinpoint my iPad to the waiting room of the repair shop. You had to see the look on the fellows face when the locator tune stated playing. I confronted the individual and he said he found the iPad on the street. I didn't want to make a scene so I said if he gave it back to me I wouldn't press charges the I pad had a password and I had deleted all my info from a different app. The Tile does work. I just don't know who sent me the notice anonymously."

- Vince D., NY

If you are a current member of Tile and you want to track your iPad digitally, we have a software solution for you. The Tile app can track down your ipad or other phone using website or Find your Phone feature.

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