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High Tech Dumpster Diving - Found her wallet


We hear once a week about how someone threw away their keys and got it back with Tile. Trish took it the extra mile and drove the the dump site to get back her misplaced wallet and keys. How far would you go to get back your lost wallet?

"Today was a terrible day. I woke up and realized i had no clue where my car keys and wallet were. I opened my tile app only to find that it couldn't locate them. I started to retrace my steps, and the explanation was that I threw them away at lunch. And, the trash has already came today.

I called the company and they brought the truck back to my house, but no luck. Since they weren't anywhere else, I concluded that they were in the truck but I couldn't sense it through the thick metal walls. I followed the truck back to a trash sorting area where they deal with these types of inquiries. As soon as they truck dumped, the tile app started telling me my wallet & keys were in range! They were just steps away. Why I wasn't too thrilled to have to dig through literally a few tons of trash, I knew it was just a matter of time. That beautiful melody saved the day! Thank you Tile."


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