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May 1, 2015

Student Finds Student ID & Wallet

A student ID & wallet is the life supply of a student. Without them, you lose access to buildings, you can't eat, and often can't even make basic purchases. Being a student is hard enough, and looking for lost things is something students simply don't have time for. Tile is a great gift for current students for bags and wallets, and also for graduates who are setting out on an entirely new adventure. The following story from Dawn captures the anxiety of losing your student ID & wallet, which were found eventually by Tile's proximity sensor & hearing it all the way across the parking lot.

"After a long car trip, we were cleaning out my car and I threw out my wallet in the process. My ID wallet, which is on a lanyard and contained my University ID, my DL, my ATM cards, my EBT card, and my 40-meal prepaid meal card were in this wallet. In the confusion of cleaning out all the trash, my ID wallet ended up in a bag and thrown into the dumpster by mistake. Later that evening, I was heading to the dining hall and realized that I did not have my ID wallet. I called my daughter and asked her to look around my bedroom, to see if I had left it there accidentally. I returned to my work but everyone had gone home and I was unable to check in my office. Having only $20 cash stuffed in my purse, and no means of obtaining any other food I picked my daughter up at home and had her run back in the house and use the tile finder to locate my ID, but to no avail... it was not in the house.

The next morning I checked my backpack, car & purse 3 times each thoroughly. I was getting desperate. I marked my ID wallet as lost in the app and frantically retraced all my steps from the prior day. After 3 hours of patiently walking the University campus, I made my way home defeated holding the tile finder app in my hand praying for the grey circle to turn green again. Crying by now, and exhausted I made my way through the parking lot and suddenly... the dotted green ring appeared. My ID was near! I activated the [find] control and heard the sweet song emanating from the dumpster! In all honesty, I was never so relieved to see a bag of refuse! I pushed open the flaps and held my breath while I climbed inside and fished out my ID from the pile of garbage. All of my stuff was accounted for – the tile saved my life! Now I can still eat for the remainder of the quarter!"


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