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May 24, 2016

Find your stolen bike

Bike theft is a huge problem in this country and abroad. The US National Bike registry claims that 1.5 Million bikes are stolen every year.  However, even though 48% of stolen bikes are recovered, only 5% make it back to their owners. 

Only 5 percent. That's amazing! 

For some clever bike owners, Tile has given them a big leg up on getting their bikes back. 

After buying a new bike, Max planted a Tile right next to one of the pedals and camouflaged it with a touch of black paint. After it was stolen, he marked it as lost in the app, and waited for help from the Arizona Tile community. 

As it turns out, one day a random community member walked by a pawn shop, and his phone picked up the signal of Max's stolen bike!  Their phone anonymously alerted Max with an email that it was found, and after a visual confirmation with the police, he was able to recover his stolen bike thanks to Tile

"My bike was stolen. I was devastated! I kept checking the tile app every day for months and all it said was it couldn't find the Tile. Fast forward ...  and I got an email this week that the tile had been found! I was totally shocked. Could have the Community feature actually worked? I worked with local law enforcement and we found the bike at a local pawnshop! I got it back thanks to Tile. Every bike should have one of these on it."

-Max H, Arizona USA 

 Buy Tile for $25

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