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May 27, 2015

Find your Drone

We have talked with numerous people in the RC / Drone world who are using Tile to track their flying pieces of art. Critics often tell us that the range is poor and that they need a true GPS product. However, we hear from many RC enthusiasts that GPS is not a good fit due to cell service contracts, poor battery life, and price. Tile provides an affordable and effective method to allow RC pilots to locate their downed vehicles in difficult terrain – speeding up the search process considerably. Ed from the Tile Community was able to find his drone using our proximity sensor and unique tone to cover a large distance in a very short amount of time.

"I was trying some low level flying near a field near me, and got too low :)

The grass was knee height, and I was about 50m away at the time so it would have been a needle in a haystack. I walked towards where I thought the drone was, and as I got into range it appeared on the tile app's proximity sensor. Once I was near full signal strength I used the find button and could hear the magic tune about 12 feet away and there it drone was!"

Ed B.
United Kingdom

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