Do You Need A Bike Tracker?

By: Tile
Tile Tips11.09.2020

While a bike might not be as small and easy to lose as a pair of keys, it's an attractive target for thieves. Did you know that there are a shocking 1.5 million bicycle thefts each year? If you don't want to be a part of this unfortunate statistic, you need to be proactive. To keep your bike secure, add a tracker that lets you locate your bike right away.
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Can You Put a Tracker on Your Bike?

Tile makes it super easy to put a tracker on your favorite bike. Our Bluetooth bike trackers come in multiple shapes and sizes. Some cyclists like portable options like the Tile Mate, which you can hang around a handlebar and remove at the end of your ride. However, if your bike gets stolen, you'll want to make sure your tracker isn't removed.

This is where the Tile Sticker comes in. It’s black and designed to be small and easy to hide on your bike. At just 7.3 millimeters thick, our tiny, lightweight tracker can
attach virtually anywhere on your bike. Many cyclists like to put it under the seat or inside the frame where no one can see it. The Tile Sticker is waterproof, so you won’t have to worry about the elements causing it to break or fall off.

Once your Tile is on your bike, it starts working automatically. All you need to do is download the Tile app for iOS or Android and pair it with your mobile device or tablet.

Tile helps you find your bike when it’s misplaced nearby, or if it’s been lost or stolen. If you can't remember where you left your bike on the racks, use the Tile app to make it ring so you can find it faster. You can use this feature as long as you're within 150 feet of the Sticker. (Tile Pro has a range of 400 feet, but it’s slightly bigger and possibly harder to hide on a bike.)

If someone steals your bike and takes it out of range, turn to the Tile Network. Our network is essentially your own personal search party. When you mark your bike as lost, any Tile device that comes within range of your bike will notify you anonymously.

Why Do You Need a Bike Tracker?

The biggest reason to get a bike tracker is to protect yourself from theft. We've already had several users write to let us know that the Tile kept them from having to buy a new bike. One of our favorite stories comes from bike builder David Weiner.

David had a fancy prototype stolen, so he decided to put a Tile inside the frame of his next bike. This turned out to be a smart move since this bike also got stolen just a few months later. Fortunately, the Tile Network notified David that his bike tracker was at a certain location. He was able to visit the spot, sound the alarm, find his bike, and get his property back.

Even if you're lucky enough to live in an area without a lot of bike thefts, the Tile can still come in handy. Can't remember where you left your bike on campus? Tile can tell you its last known location so you can find it again. The ringing feature is also surprisingly useful when you're trying to find your bike in a dark parking lot or crowded garage.

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Is There an App to Track How Far You Bike?

Tile does more than helping you locate lost objects. With Tile Premium, you can check your location history to see where your bike has been in the past 30 days. Want even more data about your biking excursions? A cycling app will use your smartphone to track your distance, elevation, and speed. It will also document your biking route on a map, allowing you to see your travel path.

If you’re searching for a great cycling app, try out one of these popular

- Strava

- MapMyRide

- Cyclemeter

- My Tracks

Protect Your Property With the Best Bike Tracker

With the Tile Sticker, you’ll have a discreet, waterproof bike tracker that won’t
impact the appearance of your bike. If you lose your bike or fall victim to theft, we help you get it back. To learn a little more about how Tile works, check out our Help Center. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see how other cyclists use their Tile products

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