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Wireless Key Tracker Finds Lost Keys in the Woods

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"Found Tile in the Woods"

When I got our Tile tags, I attached them to my girlfriend's keys immediately, which get lost all the time. Usually it's not a big deal – she searches a couple spots and she's found them. But this morning was different. She was heading out to run a few errands (luckily she didn't have to work!) and she couldn't find her keys.

She looked everywhere for like an hour and a half, before she called me. Fortunately, l had just given her 2 of our Tiles. So she turned on the app and started the search all over. Upstairs, downstairs, basement, nothing! She couldn't find them and neither could Tile!

She walked out to her car and got nothing there. As she was walking back the app picked up something and she heard the Tile beeping. She followed the beeping sound around her house, through the backyard, and finally into the woods. They must have fallen out from her pocket when she tossed out the kitty litter the night before.

She called me immediately, and boy, was she relieved. And I have to say, I was too. There's just no way she'd have found them without Tile. It's not like we go strolling through the tangled woods behind her house all the time, just poking around through the leaves.

Thank goodness she put Tile on her keys just yesterday!

Anyway, you have two new fans!