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B2S SALE | Mate & M/S Combo 4-Pk $50 

BACK-TO-SCHOOL SALE | Mate or Mate/Slim Combo 4-Pk $50

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Tile + Google

Now finding is easier than ever

Tile and Google are collaborating so you can find your stuff just by asking.

Learn How

GoogleHome Phone

Setup Is Easy

Sync your Tile account with your Google Home App:

1. Open the Google Home App and tap Add.

2. Tap set up device.

3. Under Works with Google, select Have something already set up?

4. Search for Tile and select it.

5. Enter your Tile login and password, and you're done!

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Sticker on TV remote


The small, stickable finder.

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Slim in wallet


The sleekest

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Pro on keys


The high-performance finder.

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Mate on bag


The versatile finder for everyday things.

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