Learn how to use Tile to simplify your life. Tile's tracker and connected partner devices work together with the Tile app to find your keys, wallet, phone, and everything else you love. Tile works on iOS and Android.

The Lost & Found

Tile is creating a world where everyone can find everything that matters. Here you'll find clever tips on using Tile, miraculous lost & found stories from our customers, and general inspiration we hope you'll love.

How to become more organized?

Your Guide to Becoming More Organized at Work and Home

By: Tile
Tile Tips01.20.2021
Being more organized can save you time, help you work more efficiently, and reduce stress in your life. This guide will help you upgrade your skills.
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How to find something you lost at home

How to Find Something You Lost at Home

By: Tile
Tile Tips01.05.2021
How do you find something you lost at home? With Tile, you don't have to look around forever or spend extra money to replace lost stuff.
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How to find lost keys at home

How To Find Lost Keys At Home

By: Tile
Tile Tips01.04.2021
How do you find lost keys at home? With Tile's trackers, you'll never have to waste time turning over the cushions and checking every drawer before leaving.
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Tech for anxiety listing image (featured)
Tech for anxiety listing image (featured)

How to Use Your Tech to Reduce Anxiety

By: Brianna
Tile Tips03.23.2020
For anyone who’s looking for ways to add something new to their mental health routine, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite ways that you can use technology to alleviate anxiety, fear, and general uncertainty.
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