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Tile's Quick Car and House Key Finder Tips


We've all been there. Frantically searching for your keys and trying to remember the last place you saw them. If you are lucky, you find yourself stuck in the house unable to unlock your car to go to work. If you're not so lucky, you are locked out of your car or your home and at the mercy of a stranger to get you back inside. These sticky situations can be solved with one simple solution: don't lose your keys! Except it isn't really that simple, is it?

Install a Tracking Device

If you think this is impossible, you haven't heard of Tile. With the help of Tile, the next time you can't find your keys you can simply activate Tile and play the hot and cold game with your phone and have your keys in your hand in minutes. In addition to the on screen tracking circle for your phone, the Tile will play a melody as you approach. If you are out of range, you can mark your keys as lost and Tile will activate its own search party on your behalf and notify you (and only you) when your keys are found.

Activate Your Memory

Most of the time, you lose your keys because you can't remember where you put them. There are a few different ways you can remember where you put your keys by using memory triggers. When you put your keys down, say a sentence aloud of where they are. "My keys are on the table" may feel silly saying it, but my processing this thought and saying it aloud, you are more likely to remember where you put your keys.

Keep Your Keys Out of Reach

You may think it's cute when little Sally pretends to go "bye-bye" in her play car with your real car keys, but it won't be so funny when it's Monday morning, you are late for work, and you can't find your keys. So instead of making it easy for her to swipe your keys, just put them out of reach. Which leads me to the next tip…

Put Them in the Same Spot All the Time

Maybe you have a key rack that hangs on the wall or a bowl on the counter, it doesn't matter. Just make sure that you put your keys in the same place as soon as you walk in the door each day. If you keep them in your purse, keep them in the same compartment so you can do a quick check as you leave the house, the car, or the store to make sure you have your keys.

Use More Keychains

By putting a few keychains on the ring with your keys, they will be a little more bulky and harder to lose. Don't overdo it, but adding a little bulk or brightly colored keychains can help you find those keys quicker.

Just Clip It

If you don't like to put your keys in your pocket or they get lost at the bottom of your purse, you can clip them to your belt loop, the outside of your purse, or even on a lanyard around your neck. This way, they will be easily to locate.

Have More Than One Set

I know, I know. Technically, you are still losing your keys if you have to pull out a duplicate. At least your only method of entering your home, office, or car isn't lost when you have spare keys. Keep a set of keys at home in a safe place, at work, and in your purse and only use them if you have to - otherwise you could lose them too. Giving a friend or family member that you trust a set of spare keys is a great solution as well.

These tips will help you keep up with your keys on a daily basis, but the only way to really know where your keys are at all times is to use Tile to track them. Remember the saying, "it's only lost if your mother can't find it"? Now, it's only lost if Tile can't find it.

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