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January 11, 2017

Tile Reunites Dog with Family

Within 18 hours of their dog running away, the Garner Family received a Community Find network update that their dog was recently seen 7.5Km away.  This was in a rather rural area of King, Ontario. We are thrilled to see so many people using Tile around the globe to the point where we are helping find missing pets.  Apparently the family was up all night looking for their dog Fenton, and they were worried about the snow & the roaming coyotes. The community find update was a joyful surprise. 

It turns out another family up the street received Tiles as a Christmas gift & they took the dog in. They had no clue how to contact the family, but their app did. By simply having the app running on their phones, Tile servers sent an anonymous message to Fenton's family.  The Garner family got a notification in their email, & they simply followed the map to the location where their dog was found.  It's amazing how passive technology can help bring people together like this.  According to their owner "Fenton is currently sleeping off his adventure but happy to be home. :)" 

Greg Garner, 
King, Ontario, CAN 

One additional note for this use case is that since all Tiles can reverse ring your phone, Fenton is now trained in the ability to find his owners phone! 

While we typically do not recommend Tile for dogs since we are a Bluetooth product, the Tile network can still accomplish some amazing things. If you plan on using Tile on your dogs, remember that Tile is a bluetooth product with a limited range. 

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