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February 3, 2016

Tile and the Blizzard

This winter has been epic for the east coast.  We had reports of people using Tile to find their cars under inches of snow in New Jersey, user generated content of Tile and snowmen, and tons of stories of people finding their keys after shoveling snow. However, this one from Boston wins the prize for most dramatic rescue.  While snow plows are generally the enemy of children everywhere, we found that they have also made the process of finding your keys harder when snow banks are moving often carrying lost items with them.  Alex's wallet was lost in the driveway, and moved as a result of a snow plow drive by. Without Tile he may have never found his wallet.  Fully story below. 

“A couple weeks ago we had our first snow storm here in the Boston area. I lost my wallet sometime before the snow started. Tile was reporting my wallet in the area of our apartment but I could not find it.  I walked outside, thinking I just left my wallet in the car but no luck.        

Fast forward two days later and I'm really starting to miss my wallet. Tile keeps reporting it in the area, but I can't find it anywhere in the car or our apartment. My girlfriend Katie and I check her Jeep – Tile's app turns green and is in range.  We spent the next 30 minutes or so turning the sound on and off when suddenly I hear a faint sound… Eventually it dawns on me: Maybe I dropped the wallet on the ground and the snow plow pushed it into a pile of snow? I start digging, only to realize the snow pile turned to ice. So I go down to the basement to grab a shovel and pickaxe and start digging. As soon as I broke ice near the Tile, I could hear it loud and clear. “   

Alex C, Boston, MA 

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