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Pedego Stolen Bike Recovered
August 15, 2016

Stolen Pedego Bike Recovered

We love hearing from our community when we help them find an object that has been lost for a long time or previously stolen.  The following story is even better though because not only did Tile help recover a stolen bike, but apparently someone at the crime scene was running the app!  Although unconfirmed, it seems that one of the crooks may have been running the app and didn't know they inadvertently got themselves caught! 

Deborah used Tile as an affordable bike tracker, and with the help of the Tile Network, she got her stolen bike back in 6 weeks.

"I use Pedego Electric cargo bikes for our delivery vehicles. We have a tile hidden on the bike. Around June 23, 2016 my heavy 85 lb bike was picked up and thrown into the back of someone's truck. I was inside a building and we could see it happening but could not get there in time to stop the theft. I knew in my heart my bike would come back, eventually.  

I never in a thousand years though the Tile would enable me to retrieve it in about 6 weeks. 

As the bike was so unique and there are only a couple within the phoenix metro area, I assumed that it would be stashed in a garage until they thought it safe to pawn off. About a month after it was stolen I got a ping for it at a Walgreens about 15 miles away. Of course we arrived and my bike wasn’t to be seen. However a week later I got a ding late at night located in a neighborhood about 30 miles away west of Phoenix.  We drove out there  and looked around but were not successful in finding it.

However a couple days later I was getting pinged at the same address over and over 3 days in a row. I called the police who said they would meet us near there. We drove to the neighborhood and acted like we were playing Pokemon Go. There was a guy outside the place where it was pinging off of and he became quite suspicious as I was looking into his garage which was filled with bikes. 

By the time the police arrived the guy had taken off in his truck which was also loaded with bikes and the house was locked up. Eventually an old guy came out and the cops searched the garage to find my bike. YAY!! My bike was a bit stripped down but totally functional and now it is back in our fleet. 

Turns out the guy who “acquired” it had the app on his phone and every time he was near it it would ping! 

Thanks Tile!"   

- Deborah D.  

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