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Stolen Wallet Recovered from Pickpocket on Train!


Stolen Wallet Recovered from Pickpocket on Train!

Pickpockets are slick & quiet - unless they’ve nabbed something with a Tile tracking device on it, that is! That 90 dB tune makes them *almost* too easy to find.  John would be the first to agree! He was able to use his Tile to find his stolen wallet & stop a crime in its tracks.

He was traveling with his family on a train in Barcelona when it occurred to him that the crowded, bustling cart might be a hotspot for pickpockets. Right away he patted himself down, only to discover his wallet had already been stolen!

John grabbed for his smartphone, opened his Tile app and saw at once that his Tile was connected. That could only mean that the thief was not only on the train, but he could hear his Tile ring if he just hit “Find.” 

With the tap of a button he could hear his Tile ringing in his wallet just a few meters away. We’d tell you the rest, but only John himself could do the details justice:

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"My family spent some time in Barcelona this Summer, and we all were having a great time.  One night, during rush hour, my wife and I headed off on the Metro to pick my daughter up at her camp. Like all cities at rush hour, the subway cars were packed.  We boarded a car, and I immediately thought that this would be a great opportunity for someone to pick my pocket.  

I reached into my pocket, and sure enough, my wallet was already gone. I think I had only been in the car for 30 seconds at that point. I immediately started looking around, but nobody jumped out as looking particularly suspicious.   

We came to the first stop, and I stood by the door, trying to see who might be leaving.  Nobody left.  The train started up again, and I told my wife what had happened. She reminded me that I had a Tile attached to my travel wallet, and I immediately pulled up the app, thinking that perhaps it would at least help me later find the discarded wallet at the prior stop.

I looked at the app, and saw that the Tile was actually still in range!  I hit the "find me" button, and heard the Tile go off - it was still in the car with us!  I walked closer to the sound, and narrowed it down to a guy rapidly going through his backpack, trying to find out what was making noise!  

We confronted him, and the woman beside him pointed out that he was sitting on the wallet.  I grabbed it back, and then took a few pictures of him (mainly to hassle him a little), as he suddenly ran off the car at the next stop.

I have to say, I REALLY appreciate the much louder sound the new Tile makes.  It worked like a charm. Thanks again for making a great product!"

John M., VA, USA 

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