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July 13, 2015

Lost Wallet? Ask Your Sister!

This is a unique story about how our Community Find feature works. Community Find works when another Tile user's phone comes within 100 feet of a Tile that is marked as lost. When found, it sends an email and push notification to the original user telling them the updated GPS tracking coordinates. For James, he stayed still, while the object magically came to him via his sister's car! I bet his sister is a Tile user now too! This is why we say, build your own search party through app downloads or sharing.

"I marked my car keys' tile as lost and began walking around the house and yard with the Tile App open but nothing showed up. I had a feeling it was in my sister's car but I marked it as lost and didn't have to tear the house apart to look cause it wasn't turning up. Sure enough the very moment her car pulled into the driveway, my phone lit up telling me it had been found."

- James R.

Another interesting part here is that James says he "didn't have to tear the house apart." Since Tile told him his missing wallet wasn't there, he could skip that step of looking in all the usual places that they hide. That alone probably saved James 20 minutes easy.

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