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lost found hotel-LA
June 11, 2015

The Key to Finding Something in your Hotel

Use your co-workers as a personal lost & found network, and Tile can help you find your keys in the most difficult situations. We have often wondered about how Tile performed in multistory buildings such as a condos, but Arnel showed us that with some persistence and the Tile app you can make it happen! Tile is great for home AND work! Arnel's story shows how Tile can help out people in the hospitality business, and in theory his managers and teammates also help many of their guests every day. That's the power of the World's Largest Lost & Found.

"It was my house keys. Apparently it fell out of my backpack at work (hotel) in the parking garage downstairs in level P1. For a week I thought I had lost it someplace else hoping it wasn't in front of my house. Luckily I gave all my managers a Tile for Christmas, so I made sure they all had it activated and bluetooth on so that the finder would alert me. As I was home, I got an email alert that my keys have been found at my work. So for a good three weeks, any chance I got and remembered to look for it, I walked 5 floors of my hotel. The signal was strong at a certain spot (the Cafe at the lobby), but I could not hear the lost sound when activated. So I figured it was not on the main floor, but somewhere vertically from the Cafe. I went two floors upstairs to the restaurants and two floors downstairs to the garage. Finally I figured it out, it must have been in the lost and found room on P1. After being let into the room, I had opened my eyes to 50 boxes of lost and found items. Luckily I was able to hear the sound in the room, but it took three boxes until I finally found my keys!

Sorry for the long story, but wish you could see how many eye rolls I got from all my managers every time I stepped out of doing work and looked crazy going up and down and all around the lobby. I'm just glad I found my keys, but especially relieved that I can keep my tile as well."

- Arnel M.,
Los Angeles, CA

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