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Lost Wallet Down a Floor Vent


This story is for anyone who has ever feared dropping a wedding ring or keys down a drain or floor vent. Often Tile helps people find things faster. When we misplace them, we know they are usually in certain places, but it might be difficult to navigate the space or just time intensive to investigate every option. The following testimonial by Amy shows how the melodic tune of Tile wallet helped the recover a lost wallet in just minutes.

"My husband, Rich, is notorious for losing his wallet and keys. He has lost at least one set of keys for every car we have ever owned! I put a Tile on his one remaining key and one in his wallet.

We are renovating our second floor bathroom. On Saturday, he called to tell me that he had dropped his wallet down an open floor vent. I laughed so hard that he eventually had to hang up!

We stood in our unfinished basement, looking at the maze of ductwork. "How do we figure out which one goes to our bathroom?" he asked.

"Remember the time I put a something that sings in your wallet? Turn it on!" I answered.

Luckily, our bathroom vent drops straight down to the basement get, and we heard the music faintly through a duct in our crawl space. Unfortunately, we couldn't pinpoint the exact spot where it had landed. He was elected to go in the crawl space, since he was the one who dropped his wallet!

He used the location portion of the app, holding it up to the duct until we got as close as possible. Then he cut the duct open, reached in, and retrieved his wallet!

The whole process only took about ten minutes. I couldn't believe it. I thought somebody would find his lost wallet fifty years from now while renovating the house. Thank you Tile."

Amy H.
IL, United States

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