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Lost Stuffed Animal Technology Tile
April 14, 2016

Tile Finds Child's Lost Stuffed Animal

Losing your keys can be stressful, but nothing is worse than losing your toddlers favorite toy. If you are a mom, nothing is more important than finding your child's lost stuffed animal in the moment of panic. Failure to do so results in meltdowns of epic proportion and throws off your entire day. Dad's can relate to this as well.  While Tile helps people find keys and bags everyday, you can literally attach it to anything you don't want to lose - say a kid's favorite stuffed animal. 

One mom decided to prepare for the inevitable and sewed Tile into the stuffed animal itself.  Mom for the win!  

Welcome to the era of the Connected Teddy Bear. 

And it paid off big time! While on travel, the hotel staff collected the teddy bear with the linens while cleaning the room.  If not for Tile, they would have never gotten it back!  The app simply showed mom where the lost stuffed animal was within range, and they were able to follow the signal to find it a few doors down in the laundry closet!
The other interesting thing about this story is that they used Tile on the iPad. As you know, Tile works on any iOS device. 

So for any parent out there, feel free to sew or attach Tile onto your child's favorite toy. Additionally, Tile is the only tracker with a sealed battery, so you don't have to worry about them opening them up and digesting the battery.

"Our son has had this stuffie cat since he was 2. He loves it, and hasn't slept a night without it.  It was given to our newborn daughter at the time, but big brother saw it and fell in love with it, and has cherished it ever since.  About a month ago, this cat went missing in our home - again - on an evening we were out and the babysitter was trying to get the kids to bed.  After looking and not finding it, our son went to bed but was very sad and upset until we got home to scour the house and find it ourselves.  

The very next day, I did a little "brain surgery":  I carefully opened up the seam at the back of the cats head and inserted a tile, and sewed it back up again. I did the same with our daughters beloved stuffie.  

We travel a lot, and during our current trip to Orlando, the stuffie cat was accidentally taken with the bed linens by housekeeping and placed into the hotel laundry.  We searched the room briefly before opening up our Tile app to confirm that it wasn't in the room.  My husband took our iPad and slowly walked down the hallway and lo and behold the tile in the cats head came into range. Turns out the sheets had been left in a laundry cart in the housekeeping storage room down hallway from our room. We got housekeeping to open up the door and within moments that beautiful tile chime helped us find the cat in a pile of sheets. Tile saved the day!  It helped us find something that is important and irreplaceable to our son. " 

Many thanks, 
The Taggart Family  

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