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Lost Keys - Hawaii

From Maui, to Austin, and Back to Honolulu


When you're on vacation, the last thing you think to keep track of is your house keys. Check out this unlikely story of how one Tile community member's keys took an extended stay in Hawaii, and how he got them back with Tile. 

Not only did I get my keys back thanks to Tile, but it saved me $500.

"I was vacationing in Maui this past summer for a few weeks with an old college friend. We were on a hike in the Makawao Forest when my friend heard my keys jingling in my pocket and asked if he could carry them in his backpack for me, which he did. Luckily I had placed a Tile on them before the Trip. 

He left Maui a few weeks before me, and it we totally forgot to take those keys out of the backpack. When I realized the keys were missing, I selected the "Notify When Found" feature, and I got a notification telling me that my keys were at the Austin airport. 

I called him and he agreed to send the keys back to me in Maui (I had a few more days). Wouldn't you know it, when the envelope showed up, it was sans keys - empty. I tagged the keys as lost again, and waited for a response.  

 Well, six months elapsed and the little alarm indicator goes of on the Tile app, my keys are in Honolulu at what appears to be a post office. I phone the Aolele Post Office a few times and start to lose hope as I cannot get an answer.

I decide to call the USPS national customer service line, after tricking the Automated Voice Response System so I can speak to someone. They explained the keys are probably "in a bucket," and that I shouldn't be too optimistic. She finally gives me a number for the consumer affairs representative at the location. I call and a person answers on the second ring. I tell my story which takes about a minute, and the person goes "Bra, I got'em right here". 

He mailed them back with tracking. I just received them! The key ring had a BMW key on it with a replacement cost of $500. "

-Chris T, CA

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