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July 22, 2015

Lost in a Cab in Barcelona, Found by the Community

If you leave something behind in a cab in Tokyo, they have high tech camera's that sound off an alarm. However, for the rest of us, leaving something in a cab is a huge hassle. With the world's largest Lost and Found at your disposal, your keys are just a few Tilers away.

"I don't know how it works, but it did! I found my keys after 11 days in Barcelona with help from the Community!

I left my keys behind in a taxi in Barcelona where I live. I pressed the "lost" button in my app, hoping that someone might find them as a long shot. I even went out and got a new set of keys made. After 11 days I received a email from Tile saying my keys were found with the exact address! Amazing I couldn't believe it! The fact that it works was Brilliant. So I put one another Tile in my moto if someone try to take it. A big thanks to Tile. U rock baby "

- Fredrich
Barcelona, Spain

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