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This jacket finder from Tile is easy to hide in any pocket, and makes leaving the house worry-free.

If You Have a Jacket You Love, Try This Jacket Finder

By: Tile
Tile Tips04.02.2021

Why Try a Jacket Finder?

Picture this: Temperatures have dropped suddenly overnight, and you're in a hurry to leave the house. Unfortunately, you can't find your favorite cozy jacket. How do you handle this frustrating problem? If you have a Tile tracker on your jacket, the solution is as simple as tapping "Find" on your phone. By planning ahead and installing a Tile jacket finder, you never have to stress or worry over a lost jacket again.

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Don't Let a Lost Jacket Get You Down

The average person loses around 192 pieces of clothing during their lifetime. When the lost clothing article is a jacket, it can be extremely upsetting. We tend to invest a lot of time and money into picking out jackets since they are a winter must-have. Whether your jacket is a sentimental hoodie or a prized designer coat, it is almost always a favorite piece of clothing. Unfortunately, the fact that we take our jackets everywhere also means they're easy to lose.

Even when you're at home, a jacket can end up tossed behind the washing machine or bundled up in a piece of luggage. And when you wear your jacket outside the house, it's very easy to take it off and leave it behind at the office or at a friend's house. If your jacket ends up with a bunch of others in a coat check or on a coat rack, someone can end up accidentally grabbing yours instead of theirs. In some cases, a thief might even purposefully take your jacket!

As you can see, there are all sorts of opportunities to lose a jacket while you're going about your day. When your jacket goes missing, you don't have to spend ages hunting for it or resign yourself to shivering. Installing a jacket finder helps you find your jacket no matter where it is so you can get back to staying warm and cozy.

How Tile Works to Help You Find Your Jacket

The Tile jacket finder is a Bluetooth tracker that is always running. All you have to do is pick out your Tile and find a place to store it. A lot of our users like to slide a Tile Slim into an inside pocket of their jacket while some loop the Tile Pro around a zipper tab. Then, sync the Tile to the Tile app, which is available for Androids and iPhones. With Tile batteries that last one to three years, you can just put the tracker in your jacket and forget about it.

When your jacket goes missing, open the Tile app and tap the "find my jacket" option. If your jacket is within a few hundred feet of your phone, you'll hear the Tile ring. Then, you can follow the sound to find your jacket under a couch cushion or in your laundry basket. When your Tile's outside of Bluetooth range, you can check its last known location to see if you forgot it somewhere like a restaurant or a park bench.

If your jacket's not where you left it, all you need to do is mark your jacket as lost in the app. This tells everyone's Tile devices to scan for your jacket, and when one comes in contact with your jacket, your phone will notify you of the updated location. You can travel right to the spot, ring your Tile, and hunt down your lost jacket. And don't worry about someone else making off with your beloved jacket before you can get there. The Tile Network is entirely anonymous, so no one but you gets this data.

Whether you lose your jacket once in a blue moon or constantly leave it in the most random spots, Tile's Bluetooth tracking is a reliable and simple way of finding your jacket. Once you have it installed, running late because you couldn't find your jacket will be a thing of the past. Our jacket finders provide peace of mind and help protect your important belongings.

Don't wait to try Tile until you lose one of your favorite jackets. By getting a jacket finder now, you can avoid the frustration of a lost jacket. You can find out more about the difference between all our trackers by checking out our Help Center. And remember to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram if you'd like more tips on protecting your belongings with Tile.

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