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July 9, 2015

5 Amazing Ways to use Tile on your Graduation Road Trip

As you are going on your graduation trip across the country, the last thing you want to do is think about where your keys and wallet are every second of the trip. You want to spend time having fun! Here are five different ways the Tile App could make your graduation trip a little easier.

1. For The Party Traveler

There is certainly nothing wrong with enjoying a few good parties during your graduation road trip. You don’t remember much, but somehow your friend manages to get everyone back to the hotel you are staying at. This isn’t a problem until you can’t remember where you put your wallet. Fortunately, you can use the Tile App on your phone to locate your wallet by the Tile you have tucked away in it. Is your phone just as lost as your wallet? Not a problem! Just use the Tile App on one of your friends’ phone’s to find your lost possessions.

2. For The Car Renter

Losing your vehicle in a parking lot after a long day of shopping happens. It happens more when you are driving a rental and cannot remember exactly what the car looks like. Let your Tile App guide you back to your rental vehicle instead of spending hours trying to find it.

3. For The Last Minute Packer

You don’t have time to play hide and seek when you waited until the last minute to pack your things. The Tile App can make it easy to locate anything you have a Tile attached to. Before you know it, you will be packed and on the road with all of your essentials.

4. For The Couch Surfer

As you are traveling on your graduation trip, it is sometimes just easier to stay on the couch of friends and family members. Unfortunately, this makes it hard to keep track of things you lost. What if your keys or wallet fell out of your pocket and into the couch you were sleeping on?

If you aren’t at that house, all you need to do is set your item to being a “lost item” on the Tile App and it will alert all other Tile App users and have devices all over the place looking for your lost item. You could even get your friends and family members where you stayed to put the Tile App on their phone to make it easier to locate your missing items!

5. For The Oblivious Traveler

Are you a person who spends time looking for something that you are holding in your hand? Don’t worry, a lot of people are like that. There is nothing wrong with being oblivious! The Tile App also has a feature that allows you to search and find things by activating a sound alarm in the tile. The Tile will start going off so you can find it by listening instead of looking. For an oblivious individual, this is a much less stressful method of finding lost items.

With the Tile App, you should be able to find your items regardless of how long you’ve been traveling before you realized you lost them.

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