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Antartica Tile Tracker
April 24, 2016

Tile on Antartica

It's official. Tile is the only BLE tracker that has now been to 7 continents.  Marathon Tours, a premiere company for travel & running across the world, partnered with Tile to have several runners use Tile on their most recent trip to Antartica for the "coolest race on earth."

You may ask, do they even have wifi on Antartica?  The answer is no.  However, this is a great opportunity to speak to how Tile works.   Tile is bluetooth, and uses your phones GPS to report map coordinates to a server cloud.  If you are outside of a 3G or wifi hotspot, Tile will still work - however, it will not report GPS data to the cloud.  

You could still ring your keys or reverse ring your phone on the middle of an iceberg.   

As shown in the map above, Tile was able to show last place seen on the boat which was wifi enabled, and thus help a few travelers watch their belongings to and from the trip.   The race was a huge success as shown by their facebook page.  Many people did not end up activating their Tiles until they got back from the race due to wifi issues, but a few that did were able to ring their things along the voyage.  

"I activated both mine and Linda's Tile while we were in Buenos Aires and tested them out. I played with them on the boat a few times but didn't use a data connection only the bluetooth. I nothing disappeared but it was fun trying it out with the phone and the bags they were attached to." - Pierre

Travel is a huge use case for Tile. Whether one is going on a trip to the south pole, or a family getaway, it's great peace of mind to be able to keep tabs on your things.  

We are so grateful to have helped in a small way provide a small service to a few people on their dream of running on all the 7 continents.  We hope that they will all benefit greatly from Tile over the next 12 months and beyond.  

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