Limited Edition Pros

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A powerful tracker with a new streamlined shape that hangs better on keys, bags and other important things. 

Limited Edition Performance Packs

Naturally inspired designs. Now on your favorite Tiles.

Sage + Sand

Your favorite Tiles, dipped in fresh neutrals on both sides.


A versatile tracker with a new modern shape, bigger range, and longer lasting battery that keeps track of keys, backpacks and more.


A color that matches perfectly with your everyday essentials.


A fresh pop of color for your keys, wallets and more.


A thin tracker made to keep track of wallets, passports and notebooks - now with a bigger range. 

Starter Pack

Trackers for your keys and wallet.

Essentials Pack

A variety of trackers for your things.

Performance Pack

Powerful trackers for your keys and wallet.


A small tracker that sticks to and keeps track of remotes, small electronics and more - now with a bigger range, louder ring and longer lasting battery.

Pro + Slim 4-Pack

Powerful trackers for your keys, wallet and more.

Pro (2020)

Performance finder with 400 ft range for your keys

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