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Travel right with Tile


Heading for the hills this winter? Don't forget your trusty Tiles. They can make your time away less stressful and even keep disasters at bay. We've got tips to get you started.

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Tile Travel Hacks

A little trick if you're parking at a popular venue: Put a Tile in your glove box so you can easily find your car at the end of a glorious day on the slopes.

If jet-setting is more your style, use your Tile to see if your bag made it on the plane and check that it makes it to your destination. See our more in-depth blog post about the ins and outs of Tile-enhanced air travel.

Let’s say you drop your phone taking selfies on the lift or it disappears into a massive snowdrift on the trail. Before you panic, double-click the center button of any Tile and make your phone ring so you can find it. All is not lost.  

Sharing Tiles on your app with getaway mates makes finding things even easier. Two heads are better than one at tracking down misplaced or lost stuff.

Better yet, if you sign up for Tile Premium you can take advantage of Unlimited Sharing -- share with as many people as you want -- and 30-Day Location History -- so you can easily retrace your steps. These features and more give you greater finding power. Learn more

Tile makes travel easier

If you haven’t used your Tiles in awhile, test them to make sure they’re good to go. Open your Tile app and try to find them. Or if your Tile is close by, double click the center button and make your phone ring.

Don't have a Tile on your suitcase or duffel yet? Add our Slim with luggage tag or toss a Mate or Pro into your bag. It’s extra peace-of-mind when you’ve got a lot of gear to track.

And don't forget to put a Mate or Pro on your keys. No matter where they might wind up -- dropped in a crowded lodge, snowbank, or in between the Airbnb couch cushions, you’ll be able to find them.  

You can add a Tile to just about anything. Stick the rugged Pro on snowboards, helmets and cameras, and put the versatile Mate in the pocket of your backpack, ski jacket or snowboard pants. Add one to anything you want to be able to find quickly and not lose in a sea of gear. We have adhesives which make attaching Tiles a cinch.

Happy Trails!

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