How Does a Bluetooth Tracker Work?

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Tile Tips03.01.2021

How Does a Bluetooth App Work to Track My Things?

Do you ever waste time searching for your keys and wallet on your way out the door? Have you ever forgotten where you parked? Or maybe you have something valuable that you want to protect?

Every one of us has stuff in our lives that we want to keep track of, but with the millions of other things we’re supposed to remember the inevitable truth is that our stuff gets lost. Tile uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology to help you keep track of the thing you use and lose most, through our free app you can download on your smartphone or tablet.

To track your stuff with the Tile app, you can:

• Add a Tile tracker to something you already own, like your keys, wallet, tablet, backpack, laptop, pet… (we could go on)
• Or, consider getting a Tile-enabled product from some of our partners, like HP, Skullcandy and more.

Once you activate the Tiled item to the Tile app on your phone, you’ll immediately have access to the features in the app that help you track it down when it’s lost. When you’re looking for something that’s been misplaced somewhere nearby, like around the house or office, use the Tile app to find it faster by making it ring loudly so you can pinpoint it’s location. If it’s lost further away, like at a café or left at the gym, check the map in the app to see where you last had it and to get helpful directions back to it.

Finally, when your item is lost lost--or if it’s been stolen--you can enlist the support of the secure and worldwide Tile Network to help you track it down. When you tap “Notify When Found” in the app, the next time a smartphone running the Tile app passes within Bluetooth range of your missing item, you’ll get an anonymous and automatic notification with your Tile’s most recent location.

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What Should I Track With Bluetooth?

You can track just about anything with Tile. When it comes to adding a Tile to your keys, wallet, or anything you don’t want to lose, you can choose from a variety of Tiles that we uniquely designed to fit best on whatever you’re using it on! Tile Mate and Tile Pro have a handy keyhole for keychains and zippers, Tile Slim is sleek for wallets and tablets, and Tile Sticker has a clever adhesive backing to make it easy to stick onto surfaces like bikes and devices.

Here are some common things customers track with Tile:

• Personal items, like keys, wallets, purses, reusable water bottles, and backpacks
• Their transportation, like cars, bikes, and skateboards
• Devices, such as their phones, tablets, laptops, and portable gaming devices
• Kids items, like favorite toys, blankies, diaper bags, lunchboxes and strollers
• Pet gear, like harnesses, leashes, and collars
• Items used while traveling, like luggage, passports and cameras
• Professional tools, like tool belts and camera or A/V gear
• Valuable items like artwork, jewelry and collectibles

Why Should I Choose Tile?

There are a number of reasons why Tile such a popular Bluetooth tracker. It's one of the first Bluetooth tracking devices to revolutionize the electronics industry. When you attach a Tile to your item, you'll be able to find it anywhere as long as it's within the Bluetooth tracking range. Even if you misplace your item somewhere out of range, the global Tile Network can help you search for lost and stolen belongings. The Tile Network finds over 6 million lost objects every day all over the world.

Tile comes in multiple shapes and forms to ensure that you always have the right product for your belongings. Here's a rundown of the Tile products that we offer:

Tile Mate: This simple device loops on a string or keychain. The Mate has a 200-foot range, making it easy to find your lost belongings.

Tile Pro: This Tile is tough and sturdy, making it ideal for job sites and camping trips. The Bluetooth tracker has a whopping 400-foot range and an extra-loud ring.

Tile Slim: This device is compact and shaped like a credit card. You can fit it in your wallet or attach it to slim devices like your tablet or laptop. Like the Mate, this tracker has a 200-foot Bluetooth range.

• Tile Sticker: Stick this Tile directly onto the surface of your remote, power tools, cooler, gaming console or anything else that you misplace frequently. The Sticker has a 150-foot tracking range.

Limited Edition Tiles: Pick up a beautifully designed Tile featuring high-quality artwork that suits your unique personality.

Every Tile comes with the Tile app and a basic set of tracking features. However, you can upgrade your experience by investing in a Tile Premium subscription. For one low monthly fee, you get access to a wide range of special features such as smart alert, free battery replacement, unlimited sharing options and a 30-day tracking history. If you add Tile Premium Protect to your package, you'll get all that plus up to $1,000 reimbursement if you lose a Tile-protected object and Tile can't find it.

If you want to stay in touch with Tile, follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Feel free to visit the Help Center if you have any questions.

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