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5 Ways to use Tile on Your Family getaway


The only thing you should be searching for during your family getaway is where you want to have some fun. You shouldn’t have to worry about where your child wandered to, where your hotel room key is, or what happened to your husband’s wallet. Here are five ways Tile is going to make your family get away a lot better.

1. To Keep Track of the Hotel Remote and/or Keys

Do you have a husband or children who have a horrible habit of misplacing the remote? Maybe your husband falls asleep with it and drops it? It gets lost in the bed or drops on the floor and lands who knows where! With Tile, you can avoid having a fight with your husband or children about keeping better track of the remote. Just pick up your phone and you can instantly find the item whenever it goes missing! Just remember to attach a Tile to the hotel remote and/or keys when you first arrive!

2. To Keep Track of Your Children’s Electronics

For some families, the whole point of going on a family vacation is to get away from the world and enjoy family time. If you went on a vacation for that purpose, you do not want your children spending all their free time on their electronics. With Tile, you can keep track of where your kid’s electronics are. This way you can be sure they are not sneaking off or hiding them out of your sight to use them when they think you are not looking. The Tile App always knows where they are and where they have been. Better yet, if they get lost or stolen, you can find them in a breeze.

3. Check Luggage on Connecting Flights or Track Your Carry-On

Losing luggage is the worst! Sure there are GPS trackers out there, but they cost 100 bucks easy and need to be recharged few days – who has time for that? The only thing worse then having an airline lose your luggage is knowing you left something on a plane or at a gate. So put a Tile in your bag, and fly with peace of mind. It is the best feeling in the world when you can turn on BLE in airplane mode (yes, its legal) and see your green Tile icon light up when you walk the length of the plane. And in the rare case it doesn't make it, there are so many people in airports with Tile, you can find your stuff pretty quickly. This guy found his keys in 15 seconds at SFO!

4. To Locate Your Misplaced Vehicle

You park your vehicle in the crowded parking lot of an amusement park and go out to enjoy the day. You come out from the amusement park after a long day and suddenly it hits you, you have no idea where you parked! You were so excited to get here and your children would not stop talking that you forget to make a mental note of where you parked. Fortunately, the Tile App can resolve this problem. Just whip out your phone and let the application tell you where you parked your car.

5. To Find His/Her Misplaced Wallet

Do you have a spouse who would lose their hands if they were not attached to their body? Everyone has a spouse like that. Why continue to waste time looking for your spouse’s wallet or keys when you are supposed to be enjoying your vacation? Use the Tile App so you can spend more time having fun and less time playing hide and seek. Tile shows you the last place you had your wallet, so just follow the map.

Before you know it, you are going to want to have a Tile on everything. Whether you are traveling or not, your Tile and the Tile App will make sure you never lose anything again.

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