How to Find Something You Lost at Home

By: Tile
Tile Tips01.05.2021

You might think it's easy to lose track of belongings while you're out and about, but the reality is that most things are lost at home. You spend a lot of time at home, and it contains almost all of your important possessions, so there are plenty of opportunities for stuff you care about to get lost.

People end up wasting hours every year looking for things like their keys or wallet, or even their favorite sweater or video game controller. Knowing how to find something you lost at home can end up saving you valuable time and making your life less stressful.

Read on to learn more about common items lost at home and how to use our handy Bluetooth tracker and app to track things down.

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Common Items Lost at Home

No matter how organized you are, it can feel impossible to keep track of literally every item in your home. You can end up absentmindedly leaving belongings in weird spots, or someone else in your family might accidentally move them. Due to their size and the way we use them, a few types of items tend to go missing more often than others.

It's no surprise that toys are at the top of our list. If you've got kids, you know just how easy it is for a beloved stuffed animal or favorite car to go missing. If you don't want a crying child who refuses to sleep, you need to learn how to find something you lost at home fast.

Teens and adults often end up frantically researching how to find something lost at home when they're missing their electronics. Phones, remotes, controllers, and headphones are all essential items that disappear often. This can get frustrating when you just want to unwind but can't find your remote or gaming device.

If you've got a favorite jacket or hat you wear everywhere, it is easy to lose track of it. We tend to toss our clothes everywhere when we get home, so they can end up in the strangest of places. When your sweater is under a dog bed or inside a kitchen cabinet, even the best guides for how to find something you lost at home might not be able to help.

Sunglasses, bottle openers, retainers, inhalers, and other sorts of little belongings often get lost in weird spots. Figuring out how to find something you lost in your home gets tricky when it's a small possession that could be just about anywhere. You'll need to check the last spot you placed it and look in all the places you could have set it down.

Use Tile to Find Your Things in an Instant

Tile Bluetooth trackers are perfect for keeping track of all your prized belongings at home. For anything you lose frequently, we've got a Tile shaped to fit your item. You can loop the Tile Mate on key rings or slide a Tile Slim in a backpack pocket.

If your items are a bit more unconventionally shaped, we'd suggest the Tile Sticker. Our petite tracker with a sturdy adhesive backing can stick to game controllers, toys, bicycles, and more. Just like all our other trackers, it's water-resistant, and it has a long battery life.

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Once you've picked out your Tile, you can download the Tile app. Available for Android and iOS, this app is the command center for any Tiles you use. This app lets you sync Tile devices, monitor all your belongings, and search for lost devices at home.

The first thing the Tile app will tell you is whether or not your lost item is within Bluetooth range. This lets you confirm whether something like a lost jacket is really at home or left behind at work. If it's out of Bluetooth range of your phone, the app will tell you the last known location of your item. However, with trackers like the Tile Pro having a range of up to 400 feet, it's rare for lost items at home to be out of range.

When your lost belonging is in range, you just need to tap "Find" in the Tile app. This will make your Tile tracker ring, so you can find lost items at home simply by listening. As you walk around your home, you can follow Tile's ring to the item's general location. Then, listen for the ring to find exactly where your belonging went.

Quit stressing about lost items at home and get a Tile instead! Tile Bluetooth trackers are the fastest and easiest method for how to find something you lost at home. See how Tile has helped others with missing things at home by following our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.