Tile Sticker is the Easiest Remote Locator You'll Ever Try

By: Tile
Tile Tips12.11.2020

Have you ever settled in on the couch for a movie night and then realized your remote is missing? Nothing is more frustrating than having to start hunting around under cushions and behind TV consoles when you just want to relax. With popular remote trackers from Tile, you never have to waste time trying to locate your remote.

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How Tile Works

Using Tile to track down a missing remote is quick and simple. First, you just need to pick your Tile tracker. Many of our customers like the Tile Sticker for their remotes. This sturdy little tracker uses adhesive to stick onto your remote and has a 150-foot range.

Once you have the tracker on your remote, it's time to download the Tile app. Available for iOS and Android, this free app lets you easily keep track of all your Tile devices. When you're scratching your head and wondering where you left your remote, just open up the app. Tap the "Find" feature for your Tile, and a ringing sound will be triggered on the Tile device. Listen for the ring and follow it to find your remote. Whether it's tangled up in your blankets or forgotten on the bathroom counter, you can easily hear the ring and go grab your remote.

The Tile remote finder works through Bluetooth, so it keeps going even if your Wi-Fi is down. Depending on the Tile tracker you select, you just need to be somewhere between 150 to 400 feet away from your missing remote. With a battery life of up to three years, you don't have to worry about regularly remembering to charge your Tile. Until your remote goes missing, you might even forget you have a remote locator!

How to Locate Your Remote Quickly

One of the best perks of our remote finder is how quickly it works. Once you're in range, you can start ringing your Tile immediately. You don't have to call, "Help me find the remote!" to other family members and then spend minutes turning the house upside down. In most cases, the Tile app lets you find your remote within a few seconds.

Being able to find your remote as quickly as possible keeps you from wasting your binge-watching time or missing an important scene in a movie. When you have Tile, you don't have to worry about accidentally traumatizing your kids with a scary preview or waking up a partner with a sudden loud movie soundtrack. Instead, use the Tile app to quickly locate your remote and adjust your TV as needed.

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Why You Need a Remote Locator

Did you know that the average person will spend up to two weeks hunting for their remote in their lifetime? It's super easy for remotes to disappear because we use them constantly, and they're fairly slim. Finding a remote by hand usually isn't as easy as picking up a couch cushion. They get carried into the kitchen while you're grabbing a midnight snack, or they end up tossed in a toy basket while you're rushing to clean up the living room. Sometimes, sneaky remotes even end up hiding in plain sight on a shelf or table where they are incredibly easy to overlook.

Of course, one of the worst things about any missing remote is that it always happens at the most inconvenient time. Need to mute a commercial before that cheesy jingle gets stuck in your head for days? Only have time to finish one episode of your favorite sitcom before you have to sleep? Usually, that's when your remote pulls a vanishing act.

With Tile, you never have to deal with the hassle and inconvenience of a missing remote. A Tile remote locator keeps you from having to wander aimlessly all over the house before you can enjoy your show. Instead of a lengthy search, tap the "Find" feature in the app, listen for the ring, and go get your remote!

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