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Tile App - Cat Pavlov Pet Locator

Bluetooth Tracking Devices Finds Lost Pets


This is genius. We hear a lot about people using our app as a pet finder all the time, but Jen G from Florida is using it with Timmy the cat for training. If you have heard about Pavlov's Dog, she is using our app to reward her cat for coming back to her. This is both a super smart kitty and owner. We think it's so creative that pet owners can use Tile as a training device app for pets as well as a key finder. With so many tools for helping people teach obedience to their puppies and kittens, it only makes sense that something like Tile could replace the analog dog whistle. One tiny device, so many uses.

"In case Timmy gets lost. He wanders out back now and then. We have the tile sing the song on his collar and when he comes back we give him a can of food. He always comes back."

- Jen G.
Plantation Acres, Florida

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