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Replace Your Tile With Ease

Our reTile program helps you easily upgrade your Tiles so you can always find what matters.

How it works

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After you place your reTile order, you’ll receive your new Tiles in the mail.

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Use the app to swap out your old Tiles for new ones.

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Take your old Tiles to your local e-waste center. Tiles are made of 99% recyclable materials.

Designed to make life simple

No need to charge your Tile or replace batteries for a full year.
Annual Upgrades Replacement
Annual upgrades
Get the latest Tile technology - choose between Tile Mate or Tile Slim.
People Tiling today are paying a fraction of the original price.
Eco Friendly
All Tiles are 99% recyclable so take your old ones to your local e-waste center after your reTile order comes in.

Common questions

Are the batteries replaceable?

How long do Tiles last?

How do I replace my Tile?

How many Tiles can I purchase through reTile?

Will the price change?

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