How Does the Tile Network Work?

By: Tile
Tile Tips09.04.2020

What is the Tile Network?

When we lose something--like our keys or wallet--it’s usually just misplaced around the house or left behind during a string of errands. But sometimes it’s more complicated than that, and finding what you lost isn’t as simple as retracing your steps. 

That’s why we built the Tile Network. It’s our massive “lost and found” network, powered by Tile app users and access points, that can anonymously find a lost or misplaced Tile when it’s outside of Bluetooth range. 

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How does the Tile Network work?

Say you biked into town to grab a few things from the store and after shopping you realize that someone stole your bike. What can you do? Fortunately, you put a Tile Sticker under your bike seat so the power of the Tile Network’s on your side.

When your Tile is not nearby or in the last place the app recorded you having it, you can tap ‘Notify When Found’ for your Tile in the app. Now, whenever your Tile’s signal is picked up by any Tile app or network extender, you’ll receive an automatic and anonymous notification from us with your Tile’s latest location. 

So what does this mean for your stolen bike? The next time someone in the Tile Network happens to walk by it-- wherever it is--their app will automatically identify your Tile as marked as lost and send you an anonymous message with its latest location so you can go and get it back!

It’s important to emphasize that this whole process--apps and access points working together--all happens automatically and anonymously in the background. As always, your Tile’s info will always remain private to you. 

Ok, but how well does the Tile Network work?

Tile finds up to six million items around the world every day, many of which are lost or stolen. Keep reading for a story from a Tile user in the U.S. who used the Tile Network to help her find her stolen wallet.

Dear Tile,

Thank you for making a fabulous product! On June 28th, my car window was smashed and my wallet was stolen. By the time I got to my car, I saw that the criminal was at Target. I called the cops and they followed me as I followed the Tile. We did not catch him that day. Later, we learned that he broke the Tile and hence, the connection to the Tile became spotty.

Sporadically, the tile would ping. The Deputy and I went to the location of the last ping and it was a halfway house for recently released criminals. It turns out that is where the criminal lived. The tile continued to sporadically alert me to the criminal’s location. He rang up almost $2,000 of charges on my credit cards, one of which was at a car wash. From the time and location, we got a picture of the man, his car and his license plate.

On July 11th, the Deputy called me at 3am. They caught a guy stealing in the town next door. He has the same car as the criminal who robbed me. I looked at my Tile app and I could see that he had my Tile at a Carl’s Junior in that town! That was him! I drove to meet the cops at the car and we found the Tile in the car. The criminal broke it, but left it in his car. And the Tile still worked! When I pressed the button, it rang my phone.

This Tile helped link the criminal to my crime. I was truly amazed at how well the Tile worked despite being crushed. You make an incredible product that has now led to the arrest of a terrible criminal. Thank you!

All the Best,

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