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December 22, 2016

Changing Your Tile's Ringtones

The process is super simple and easy to complete!

First tap on the Tile you would like to change the ringtone on (Tile Mate and Tile Slim only), then tap on the 'Options' tab and then the 'Details' section. Next tap on the ringtone section.

You will now see the Customize Ringtone screen, here you can preview all available ringtones and save your favorite one to your Tile.

Upon saving your ringtone, your Tile will begin downloading the ringtone which may up to 20 seconds. If your Tile requires a new firmware update it will begin to do so along with the ringtone and this process may take up to 2 minutes. You will also be able to test the ringtone after the update!

Sometimes things might not go as planned and you end up losing connection to your Tile during these updates. If that's the case you'll most likely see the screen below. Please let your Tile fully connect (solid green circle) and try again, you should be able to successfully update your ringtone!

If you are still having issues, this article may help resolve the issue you are seeing, or you can contact us directly.

Happy Tiling!

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