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Tile VDay-Blog 2017-V3

The Perfect Match


Chris and Amy: 

Shortly after relocating to Florida for a new job, Chris lost his keys while out on a 7AM Sunday morning beach stroll. Not knowing anyone in the area, he realized that he had one local phone number in his email — Amy, a new coworker. It was a long shot, but he thought he'd try anyway. 

After first hanging up on him, she eventually came to his aid, and later, bought him a Tile....and he eventually made her his lifetime emergency contact — they are getting married in April.  

Jack and Gerry:

After countless searches for her husband’s misplaced cane, Gerry decided to recruit the help of Tile to help manage this symptom of his early-stage Alzheimer’s disease. Leaving his cane or keys behind was becoming a point of friction for the couple and Tile was able to help ease the tension and offer them both a little more freedom.

They even use Tile to help keep track of each other throughout the day. In Gerry’s words, “thank you for removing another one of life’s frustrations.”  

Matt and Shelly:

When Matt, a professional animal trainer, started running into some troubles keeping track his dear African Spurred Tortoise, Shelly, he decided to innovate her shell’s design a little.

Using an adhesive he placed a Tile right on top of her shell.  Now whenever Shelly goes for a little adventure, all Matt has to do is ring her Tile and he knows right where to find her. 

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