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September 2, 2016

How Social Media Helped Find Lost Wallets

As you may know by now, we have just released Tile Slim - the world's thinnest wallet tracker!

We wanted to do something different on social media. We conducted social listening over the last 3 weeks of people who lost or found their wallets on twitter.  As losing your wallet is such a painful experience, we thought the least we could do would be to send all these people a FREE Tile Slim.

You're Welcome!  If your twitter handle is below, please follow us & send us a private DM. We'll be sending you a form so we can get your mailing info.  Losing your wallet is the worst, and although we can't get your lost one back, maybe this will brighten your day. Cheers.  The Tile Team! 

If you are one of the 50 people below, congratulations! Tell your friends about Tile. 

@dangoldfish @benjaminbluedd @Cyn_Eve_Sin @kayolk3 @sausage_dumplin @BroadwayGirlNYC @bunglechris @eric_draper @kellie_sanders2 @petej_macca @ttime_12 @sarahspoon @Nick_Major @HaileyConston @Snorton_norton @hollymarie118 @ty_kugs @trevortheseira @itsfangs @MichaelSkolnik @2kbryse @yung_ern @jayy_rayy215 @armydude206 @HaylieAddie @BairaisuByrice @supersupersteff @jnlongojr @jewishmatt @affwallace @ericunger @natanneflow @yuppjulian @viajaelynn @LiamMcCullough2 @vanesaa__x @sammy_smudge @1800EXPRESS @kumari_strong @_xdenissee @DiamondNavy_ @fuelbot @sarah_poz @SunithaNahar @dollycent @Thewhitestbean @billyburbage @Dane_LikeTheDog @thecamilolemos @PShelmadine

We'll be reaching out to you today via twitter! Hope things get better from now on & that you never lose your wallet ever again!

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