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Stolen Motorcycle found in London with Tile


When Fabrizio’s prized motorcycle was stolen on the streets of London, he was devastated. This was the bike that he rode when he moved to London from his home country of Italy, and the two had logged countless memories together. After it was stolen, he had one small (but powerful) thing working in his favor — the Tile he had stashed on the bike months before. Here is his story:

"Two days ago my motorcycle, a wonderful MV Agusta Brutale, was stolen while working in London. The bike was taken by a "gang" of three kids driving two scooters. After it happened I called the police to report the theft.

Months before, I had purchased a kit with four Tiles —  one for each of the bikes I have, and one for my house keys. As soon I realized the bike was stolen, I went to check my phone using the Tile App. I activated the “Notify When Found” feature and left it running.

26 hours later, I got a notification!

I called the police right away giving the name of the road where it was showing up in the app. Two hours later I received a phone call from the London Met Police telling me they had recovered the bike! I don't have the specifics as I'm writing. But it was me, giving the position reported by the Tile, to direct the police to the place where the Tile was last detected (actually, two miles from where the bike was stolen).

I'm so happy, because I have loads of memories connected to that bike. I moved to the UK five and a half years ago driving that vehicle! I'm so happy and planning to buy one more kit to double the devices on the bikes. I'm also pushing the Tile among the bikers community in London and Bristol.

Thanks Tile! Technology has been incredibly helpful. Great idea, great product. 


Fabrizio B

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