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Tile May 08 Brand Message Blog

Mother’s Day gift saves the day


Mom is always there when you need her—picking you up when your car breaks down, listening to you when you have a rough day, cheering you on from the sidelines—and it’s not everyday that you get the chance to be there for her (at least a little). That’s precisely why we love this Tile story so much that we wanted to share it with you in time for Mother’s day. 

In 2016, Laura received a Tile 4-pack from her kids for Mother’s Day. Her kids had gone in on the gift together and even had them personalized with their own pictures on the front and back of the Tiles. Laura had only used the Tiles a few times, until one day she could not find her keys. 

When she looked in the app, she saw that the last place the app had seen her keys was at the Veterinarian a few days prior. Though she recalled having had the keys since she’s gone to the vet, she thought she’d call them anyway. 

“The vet tech said there was nothing there,” Laura told us, “she checked both lost and found and another drawer where they keep items left behind.” 

Unconvinced, Laura decided to make the five minute drive to the Veterinarian's to double-check for herself. When she pulled up, she was not immediately able to connect, but as she walked into the office things started looking up. 

“As I walked through the doors, all of a sudden the light started to blink and suddenly it turned green. I was nearby!” 

She explained everything to the Vet Tech at the counter and then struck Tile gold. 

“I triggered the alarm…and [the Vet Tech] was able to locate it in a drawer attached to my keychain, an angel token and my house key. Best Mother's Day present ever—just tickled pink I was able to retrieve the keys. Thanks for a great product!” 

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