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Mom Finds Lost Wallet With Tile

Mom’s intuition wins again.


When Jessica’s five year-old daughter got her first ID and library card, Jessica knew it was time to buy her a wallet to help keep all of her things together. Jessica intended it to be a “practice wallet” and slid a Tile into it just in case it went missing.

Just as Jessica predicted, a few months passed  and the wallet was nowhere to be found, and Jessica turned to Tile to help track it down. She went through her house and checked her daughter’s backpack (where it usually ends up), but she could not connect to the wallet’s Tile. “At this point I thought I'd never see her wallet again.”

A few months later, Jessica noticed that her Tile’s location had been updated, but when she went out to find it she still couldn’t connect. This time he she used Tile’s “Notify When Found” feature so she wouldn’t miss the wallet’s next move.

Then in the middle of the night, she received a notification that her Tile had been located. She went to track down her Tile first thing the next morning. When she got there she realized that house actually belonged to a friend of hers.  

“I walked through the driveway and my phone detected the wallet! I was very excited! But when my friend let me inside and immediately I lost the signal to the wallet. Weird…” Jessica said,

“I realized that every time I walked away from my friend's car I lost the signal. So then I rang the Tile again and held my ear against the car, and I could hear it inside! This was so strange because my daughter had never been inside this car.”

When Jessica opened the car she realized that the sound was actually coming from inside the carseat, “I had given my friend some months prior because my daughter had outgrown it. I found the wallet tucked between the fabric and the plastic of the seat. I had to actually remove the fabric to get to it, so I have no idea how it even got in there. But bam, there it was!”

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