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Cooper Tile Tour Timmytrumpet
August 17, 2016

Lost & Found on a World Tour

We often hear that people lose track of their things when they break their 9-5 routine. But what if you don't have a normal 9-5 gig?   We caught up with Cooper Reesjones who is tour manager for DJ Timmy Trumpet.  They use Tile for their crew when they are hopping around the world on their global tour, and it turns out tile Tile has helped them out a lot!

Tile on Tour

Q. What's been your best show this year & why?  

Electric Love Festival Austria. It was amazing.  The festival is set in the middle of the Salzburg Raceway, surrounded by snow capped mountains. It was the best vibe. 

Q: Any good stories of lost & found? 

I've had a few lost and found incidents. My most recent incident was in Mykonos, Greece. My bag didn’t arrive off the flight.  I was told it may have been dropped off at one of two places – Chios or Amsterdam. Luckily all my luggage and equipment is laced with Tiles! Using the app I showed the staff my bag was in Chios as it was last seen there with the Tile app. This sped up the process immensely, and my bag was supposedly sent with the next plane. I waited for the next plane and approached the staff again. At first the staff said my luggage hadn’t arrived, but I checked the app and again and it said it was on the tarmac.  Within a few minutes I had it in my hand.      

Q: Since you are on tour, do you tend to lose things more often than other people? Do you get used to the nomadic lifestyle? 

A routine formulates doing the same thing every day for sure, but variables like an insane set the night before make Tile an essential part of life for when our mornings & days tend to blend together. 

Q: How many days a year are you on the road & how many countries? 

On average we are covering 4 countries a week. Sometimes we have hit up to 10 countries in a week.

Q: How did you end up being a tour manager? 

I worked in clubs and ran a small production company.  I had taken photos of Timmy Trumpet for 4 years in my hometown of Adelaide, South Australia. One day he asked me if I'd like to go to Europe.  I said ‘ummm yes!' I picked up tour managing pretty quick from learning from my mistakes, and meeting people in the industry. Asking a lot of questions is key to growth. I find It very fulfilling as I have a sporadic mind set and like to keep busy 

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