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Nathan Fillion Tile App
October 16, 2016

Find your Lost keys like a Celebrity: Search Party 2.0

The number one reason people go with Tile over other look-a-like bluetooth trackers is that we have the largest lost & found network. What this means is that when something goes missing & it's not where the Tile app last saw it, you can ask our entire community for help. A perfect example is how we helped Nathan Fillion help find his lost keys in a matter of hours in New York City.

What makes this offering so unique is that Tile is a "passive network". Any phone running our app is constantly looking for other "lost" Tiles that need to be reunited with their owner. Every customer has access to this network all the time. So if you happen to leave your wallet at starbucks, another Tile user will walk by your lost wallet in the next hour. Or if you leave your keys at the security checkpoint at the airport, someone using our app will likely come near it within minutes - click here for story.

The media has illustrated several times that you need thousands of social media followers to locate a lost item within hours via a social media crowdsourced effort – see Channing Tatum's lost wallet for reference.  However, Nathan did something much smarter here - he used technology to activate thousands of phones in addition to people.  

The larger insight here is that a collaborative technology grid of devices can be much more efficient and effective than a loose call to action to millions of people.  Not only because all the devices can work together, but also because Bluetooth can help find items that are not in your line of sight. Say Nathan's keys were actually in a trash can. We doubt that any fan would voluntarily go into every trash can in NYC in a hope that his keys were there, however someone could easily walk by that same trash can & notify the owner through a passive text message.  Then, once the owner of that object (Nathan in this case) is within 50 feet, they can "ring" that object through our app to locate it by sound. 

Tile was designed to help people find things more easily. And the Tile Network is a large part of how those finds happen. We are helping find over 500,000 things a day, and are continuing to grow.  #Searchsmarter.

It is also worth noting that you can easily build your own network to increase your chances of finding something you've misplaced by asking your friends to download the app.  Every person who downloads the app becomes a node in your network - they don't even have to have a Tile.   Have your neighbor download it. Maybe your postman, or your hair stylist, or your co-worker.  Think of all the places you go and imagine if you had a strategic helper allowing you to keep tabs on all of your stuff without any additional effort.  That is the power of the Tile Network. 

Here is a list of 10 people you can have download the app to help you build your search party: 

1. Roommate or Spouse
2. Neighbors
3. Coworker
4. Best Friend
5. Bartender
6. Postman
7. Parking Attendant / Security Guard 
8. Extended Family 
9. Barista 
10. Grocery clerk 

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