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“Brothers team up to track down wallet”


Sometimes you don’t even realize that you’ve lost something until long after the fact, when you really need it and you’ve taken way too many steps to retrace them all. When Scott lost his wallet, he realized that he hadn’t had it in his possession for at least 20 hours, and he’d covered quite a bit of ground in that time. Luckily Scott had placed a Tile Slim in his wallet and could easily see that he’s last had his wallet at a gas station the day before.

Before getting too excited, he decided to call the gas station to see if anything had been turned in but, sadly, he was out of luck. At this point he decided to see if the Tile community could be of service and selected “Notify When  Found” in the app.

Since Scot’s brother is a Tile user and he happened to be close to the gas station, Scot shared his Tile with him and asked him to swing by to see if he could find it with the app. I asked my brother to go to the gas station in the hopes that it was still there (he’s a Tile user too). He searched everywhere, but sadly couldn’t connect to the Tile.

Then, on Wednesday night Scot got a notification that his wallet had been found at a Ralph’s grocery store, a block away!

Scot, set the Tile to “Lost” again and told his brother to go to Ralph’s immediately, and as soon as he arrived the Tiles location updated again — they were close.

After bouncing around various parts of the property, he finally got a stronger signal near the front of the store, so decided to give it a ring. It was in the manager’s office! Scot’s brother collected the wallet and returned it Scot the next day, after explaining to the very impressed Ralph’s staff how Tile works.

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