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Tile Tips12.09.2020

When you're or your kids are in a hurry, the last thing you want to do is sprint around the house, looking under beds and in closets for your backpack. If you get a Tile backpack tracker, you never have to worry about forgetting where you put your backpack again.

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Why You Need a Backpack Tracker

Did you know that the average backpack contains $3,000 worth of valuables? We often use these convenient bags for laptops, phones, wallets, and other pricey or personal materials. However, their portability also means that it's incredibly easy for backpacks to go missing.

A backpack tracker makes it a lot easier to track down a lost backpack. You don't have to run around the library searching under every table. Instead, a tracker can help you spot your bag quickly. Trackers also protect you from theft. Backpacks tend to be a tempting target for thieves. Using a Tile tracker increases your chances of finding a stolen bag and getting at least some of your belongings back.

Perks of a backpack tracker include:

- Stay organized and save time by not having to hunt for missing bags.

- Avoid worry and stress.

- Protect important personal belongings.

- Safeguard yourself from theft.

- Avoid having to pay for pricey replacements.

How Tile Works

Using Tile backpack trackers is incredibly easy. You start by picking your preferred Tile tracker. Some options, like the Tile Sticker, can stick directly onto the inside of your backpack. Others, like the Tile Mate, can loop onto a handle or zipper tab. Then, you just download the Tile app to instantly access all sorts of handy information!

Know your backpack's somewhere in the house but just can't see it? Tap the "Find" feature. This sets off a little ring that you can easily follow to wherever your Tile is. Even once you move out of range for the "Find" feature, you can still use Tile to locate your bag. Can't remember whether you left your backpack in a classroom or at a coffee shop? The Tile app can give you the last known location of your backpack via a map in your Tile app.

If someone snatches your backpack from a coffee shop table while your back is turned, no need to panic. The Tile Network helps you locate items that have moved far out of range. Marking your Tile as lost puts you in touch with a massive lost-and-found network. Other Tile devices will scan for your stolen bag and alert you if it is found.

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Our Backpack Tracker in Action

One of our favorite things is getting to see all the ways Tile trackers have helped people. Tim M. recently shared a fantastic story about how he tracked down a stolen backpack. Tim travels a lot for work, so his backpack contains important things like his passport, prescriptions, and car keys. While he was in Oakland, CA, a thief broke into Tim's rental car and stole his backpack. Tim filed a report online, but the police weren't optimistic about him getting his pack back.

A few days later, a notification popped up from the Tile Network, letting him know that his backpack had been spotted. Tim quickly drove to the area and used the Tile ringer. He followed the sound to a bush in a parking lot where he discovered his stolen backpack. With Tile, he was able to get his passport and car keys back in time to travel home.

Another Tile user, Conor D., was even able to bring a thief to justice with Tile. Conor was relaxing with friends in a bar when someone snatched his bag. Others in the bar identified the thief, and a bouncer was able to chase the person down. However, by the time the cops got there to arrest the suspected thief, he had ditched the bag. With the Tile app, Conor was able to find his bag in a nearby dumpster. This information helped him press charges, and Conor got all his belongings back.

Ultimately, attaching a Tile tracker to your backpack makes it easy to protect your belongings. Whether your bag goes missing due to theft or your own absentmindedness, we can help you recover your essential items! Check out our
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