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Lost Keys Found

Back to school stories: Keys take a summer holiday


When the kids come back from college for summer vacation a lot can go missing. Sometimes just having another person in the house can cause things to get awfully cluttered and messy. And while you can expect things might get a little lost, this Tile story shows that you can’t expect where they’ll get found.

Kim’s daughter was visiting home on a break from college when she realized that she'd misplaced her keys. And if losing her keys wasn’t enough, attached to them were a plethora of membership cards that would have been very difficult to replace.

After rummaging through the house for a little while, Kim and her daughter turned to Tile to speed up the search. The keys were in range when she pulled up the app — a good sign, they were close by! 

She tapped "Find" to ring her keys but was still having a hard time figuring out where the sound was coming from.

“I began opening cupboards; she looked in the refrigerator. Then she slowly approached the cupboard that holds our trash can.” Kim said, “She opened the door, and the chime became louder! We dug through the trash and found them! Had it not been for Tile, the bag would've been taken out that night and taken a long journey to the dump the next day!”

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